Safety from Quality

In BioAir we believe that the best way to ensure the safety of our customers is to do everything with the best quality we can achieve.
That is why we chose to ask independent third parties to certify that everything we do is within the requirements of current international standards.

From management…

Albeit being a relatively small company we are proud to have established an internal Quality Management system which is on par with the ones of multinational corporations. Having achieved the ISO9001:2015 certification we can grant that every process in our company is properly managed to reduce risks and issues and to implement corrective actions and improvements should something need it.
ISO9001:2015 Certificate
Politica per la qualità

…to testing and production

All our products are manufactured according to the current and relevant standards. Starting from the design phase, throughout the whole life of our units we want to make sure that our testing and manufacturing facilities are up to the task: that’s why we created a Nemko CTF-1 certified testing area in our premises and we have one of the most important certification bodies in our field, TUV Nord, perform a yearly inspection of our facilities.
Nemko CTF-1 Certificate
TUV Nord Factory Inspection Report

Green at the heart!

In BioAir we feel that caring for our world is part of our responsibility toward our colleagues, friends, families, and customers.
By implementing environmentally friendly processes we strive to do our part in the global effort toward a greener future. 
  • In our products we use mostly recyclable materials
  • Our R&D team works to implement new and more efficient technologies
  • Our production team constantly improves their methods to work more efficiently, reducing wasted time and materials
  • Our Purchase team has created a network of local suppliers to reduce the impact of moving goods
  • Our Sales team takes advantage of all the available technologies to stay in touch with our customers and distributor network worldwide, without the need to travel
  • Our Company promotes remote and agile working solutions whenever possible
Environmental Policy

What does “quality” mean for BioAir?

It means providing better and more reliable products!
It means allowing our customers to stay safe without wasting time and resources!
It means reducing our ecological footprint to grant for a working place with high sustainability both economically and ecologically!
It means that BioAir’s motto “Your Safety is Our Commitment” does not stop at the lab but has a global meaning!