Safe SP

Cabinets for robots

Bioair Safe SP

Cabinets for robots

Safe SP cabinets have been designed to provide a sterile environment for automation robots.

The airflows have been designed according to EN12469 specifications in order to ensure protection for product, operator and environment.

The features of the Safe SP series are designed to provide ample space to fit and work with the robots, while keeping external size to manageable values in order to fit inside every lab! The cabinets are shipped disassembled in various components and are reassembled during installation!


  • Maximum height < 270 cm (including support stand)
  • Lateral exhausts, allows installation even with minimal space between cabinet and ceiling
  • Lowered liquid retaining work surface: height from ground 848 mm
  • Removable front barrier grid for easy robot installation and maintenance: height from ground 1000 mm
  • Removable side windows for easy maintenance of the robot
  • Front aperture in operation: 250 mm; with front glass fully opened and removed front barrier grid: 915 mm
  • Sizes: 2.4, 2.8


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