Your project, our solutions

Bioair and its partners can provide a complete support for your project and requirements.
We believe that assisting the customer from the planning phase through the realization of mock-ups, the identification of technical solutions to meet process requirements, the installation and training, until the final steps of validation and follow-up, is the key for a successful project.
We have established a network of professionals who can help you integrate your process via customization and support, in order to achieve the best results in the most reliable and effective way.

For us our products is more than a product: it’s a Project!

Don’t be just a customer: we are Partners, working togheter towards a common goal!


Development Request Workflow

  1. URS definition Customer, Process analysis
  2. Mock-up realization, Isolator customization, Final layout definition
  3. Detailed design & construction, Test protocols definition, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  4. Shipment, Installation & Commissioning, Site Acceptance Test (SAT), Training
  5. IQ/0Q/PQ, Validation process, Full scale production