BioAir can also offer you:

  • Sale of Hepa, Ulpa, Prefilter, Carbon filters for different substances for all Cabin and Cabinet brands (We always have a warehouse with good availability of sizes and types)
  • Biodecontamination with Hydrogen Peroxide for Microbiological Cabins according to Annex J EN 12469
  • Biodecontamination for small laboratories with hydrogen peroxide
  • We carry out inspections to verify, supply, install or adapt existing air extraction ducting systems for Biological Cabins, Biohazard Cabins, Chemical Cabins and Vacuum Cabins
  • Transfer of Cabins and Incubators
  • "Inner plane SF6" containment check for exhaust hoods with total expulsion
  • KI Discus containment check for microbiological hoods
  • IQOQ validation service
  • Disposal of exhausted filters, as per legislative decree of companies authorized to dispose of special waste
  • Electrical safety checks for EN 61010-1 tests