Walk-in powder weighing cabinet

Bioair   Safebooth - Walk-in powder weighing cabinet

Walk-in powder weighing cabinet

The Safebooth is a down flow booth system for powder containment in sampling and dispensing operations, a containment solution for the weighing, the handling and the dosing of chemical and pharmaceutical not sterile and not active products with the operator inside the LAF (laminar air flow) area.

The standard unit may be useful to reach a containment level better than 100 μg/m3 depending on the pharmaceutical process; with the use of safety barriers it is possible to reach a containment value better than 30 μg/m3.


  • Custom size
  • Inner air cleanliness: ISO5 according to ISO EN14644-1
  • 10% exhaust, 90% recirculation
  • Cooling coil to avoid temperature increase in the work area
  • Configurable prefiltration system (up to H13 HEPA filters)
  • Dual H14 HEPA main filtration system (LAF and Exhaust)

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