Imagination Committed to Your Safety

Bioair’s R&D history is marked by 60 years of innovation.
When, in 1972, we designed and launched in Europe our first Biological Safety Cabinet, the very name of this equipment had not yet been invented.
Then, in the eighties, our R&D department designed the CompuSafe, the first  microprocessor developed specifically for BSCs
Today our IsocellPro, Advanced Cell Therapies isolator is our R&D most sophisticated flagship
Your Safety has always been our commitment.

Designing The Future

Designing new products is a process that must always work with an eye to the future, its center must not be a static concept, but must change over time, pursuing innovation.
Every new equipment we design, standard or custom, is a work of commitment to our Mission. A shield of protection.
We know that designing it the best it can be, using our imagination, technology and know-how, will provide you with the ideal tool to perform your job in the safest possible way.
Bioair R&D department remains committed to such excellence as we continually strive to improve every single detail of our products with your safety in mind.
Your safety will always be our commitment.