Our approach

Bioair’s Mission and Values are the backbone of everything we do

This is why the focus of every moment of the 60 years long Bioair history has been inspired by the mission, the vision and the shared values of the Company.
These elements contain and express the way we work every day in order to achieve our main objective: your safety.


Our mission is simply stated in these few words: Your Safety is our Commitment
For 60 years, Bioair has proudly followed this statement without compromise.
Our core operations, R+D, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, distribution, after sales service and customer care are focused on the same target.
Thanks to a consolidated, long lasting, worldwide reputation in terms of performance and innovation, we are able to comply with all main international standards relevant to biological safety: this allow us to provide you with certified equipment that guarantee your safety.


But we don't want to be just a practical and convenient opportunity for our customers.
We want to be chosen by you because we are a reliable partner.
We want you to know that we have all the competence, experience and imagination to provide you with safe tools for your daily work; tools that are also comfortable to work with, durable and environmental conscious.
Our working methods and our approach are a tangible sign of the passion and competence we put into every single detail of our products in order to improve your safety.


In every application of our products, every day in every continent, the life of our customers, and ultimately the lives that are saved thanks to their work, are at stake.
Every single Bioair  employee is aware of this responsibility towards the global community.
For this reason we all take our job as a personal commitment, in an effective and efficient way, in the name of global safety, health and sustainability.
Every day, we have the opportunity to shape our imagination through a series of concrete actions. Even the smallest gestures we make every day, help us achieve our goal: your safety