Aura PCR

DNA cross-contamination control enclosure

Bioair Aura PCR

DNA cross-contamination control enclosure

These state-of-the-art PCR cabinets are specially designed for pre- amplification sample preparation in controlled environment in order to prevent DNA carry-over. Any aerosol generated during the handling of the post amplification samples cannot enter the cupboard; any molecule of DNA herein contained is subsequently neutralised with the help of UV radiations.


  • Passive PCR enclosure (non ventilated)
  • Fluorescent light turns on automatically when opening the front glass or when UV lights turn off (user selectable)
  • Digital timer for UV lights with memory of the last setpoint
  • 100% UV-safe
  • Front glass divided in three hinged sectors
  • Internal foldable shelf in glass
  • Working surface in chemical resistant polyethylene


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