Posted by on 13 Sep 2023 - Last changed: 15 Sep 2023

Tecniplast Group's Acquisition of Labosystem Srl and KW Srl Leads to the Creation of TECNILABO Division

After successfully acquiring BioAir in 2021, the Tecniplast Group has continued to strengthen its presence in the laboratory sector. This strategic expansion now includes the noteworthy acquisitions of Labosystem Srl and KW Srl, leading to the establishment of the TECNILABO division. This strategic move is poised to generate synergies across various facets of our operations, encompassing procurement, production, research and development, service, and logistics.


The primary mission of TECNILABO is to broaden our portfolio of products and integrated services, distinguished by a commitment to excellence that seamlessly aligns with the ever-evolving demands of scientific research. At the heart of our mission, and indeed our unwavering passion, is the continuous enhancement of product quality. Our aim is to guarantee the highest levels of safety and ergonomic usability, ultimately aiding our customers in advancing their biomedical research endeavors.


Both KW and Labosystem have earned their reputations as pioneers in laboratory furnishings and equipment. They proudly represent the "Made in Italy" ethos and collectively boast an annual turnover of 30 million Euros. These strategic acquisitions position our Group to reinforce its leadership in the laboratory industry, a sector currently experiencing robust growth.


Pietro Bernardini, Tecniplast’s Managing Director, remarked, “These acquisitions align with our growth strategy, enabling us to establish an Italian group in the dynamic laboratory market, currently undergoing a significant transformation. Tecniplast’s expansion in biomedical, hospital, and pharmaceutical research continues. TECNILABO can leverage Tecniplast’s global presence and organizational strength to provide top-tier service in its market and explore new geographical areas.”


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