Posted by on Aug 05 2020 - Last changed: Dec 04 2020

Need help to select the cabinet for you?

Each user is unique, and each project has its own requirements. That's why in BioAir we have a wide range of cabinets to allow everyone to find the right one for their needs.

Unfortunately a wide choice may sometimes create confusion, making it difficult to choose the correct unit: to avoid this issue we have developed a quick tool to help selecting the right cabinet.

Just click on the "Cabinet Choice" button on the top right of our web-site and answer a few quick question and voilĂ , you'll be taken to the right cabinet for your needs.

And remember, if you don't find the right unit in our standard portfolio feel free to contact us or your local BioAir distributor and let us know what you need: our team of engineers will help you create a custom solution!