Posted by on 09 Jul 2024 - Last changed: 10 Jul 2024

BioAir-Tecnilabo Achieves Historic Milestone with NSF Certification for SM-49 Class II Type A2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet

BioAir-Tecnilabo is proud to have become the first Italian manufacturer to obtain the NSF ANSI/49 certification for its Class II Type A2 microbiological safety cabinet, the SM-49. This certification represents an important milestone for the laboratory sector, as it is the first ever achieved by an Italian manufacturer. 

The SM-49 is designed to protect both the user and the environment from harmful agents, making it an essential tool for laboratories handling biological substances. Its advanced features and robust construction ensure maximum safety and performance, now validated by the stringent NSF certification process.

The cabinet is now officially listed on the NSF product and service listings website.

"We are thrilled to be the first in Italy to receive NSF certification for our Class II Type A2 microbiological safety cabinet," said Technical Director Alessandro Rigamonti. "The SM-49 reflects the hard work and expertise of our team and our ongoing mission to support the scientific community with top-tier laboratory equipment. With this step Tecnilabo, the Tecniplast Group laboratory division, is growing its presence in the US market, continuing to develop products of excellence and expanding the BioAir portfolio”.

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