Posted by on Apr 30 2021 - Last changed: Aug 23 2021

BioAir becomes part of Tecniplast Family of Companies

April 30th, 2021, as major move of our continuous growth BioAir announce to have become part of the Tecniplast family of Companies (

Tecniplast, the world leading company in the Laboratory Animal Science Industry since 1949, designs, manufactures and distributes patented equipment, offering the most complete related product portfolio.  Tecniplast is directly present in Italy, USA, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and China, and worldwide with a network of 70 international representatives.

“We plan to leverage Tecniplast's global footprint and expertise to quickly expand BioAir’s capabilities to serve other markets. BioAir and Tecniplast combined offerings will make it easier for customers to gain a partner as a leading global provider of equipment and systems for contamination control in biomedical research and bio-pharmaceutical production environments” says Marco Bonifacio, BioAir General Manager. “Our existing customers and more others will have access to expert resources, customized solutions, vast experience and local service support. We will also have the capability to help improve our clients’ productivity, quality and personnel safety, as well as comply with increasing regulatory demand”.

The economics of the deal allow to maximize each company’s strengths and resources and helps to generate positive synergies, increase, and optimize investment and resources necessary to accomplish development of new products and solutions maintaining quality and excellence in the job activities so to keep providing best-in- class customer satisfaction.

 “BioAir, just as Tecniplast, is a recognized leader in innovation and we are excited about this investment and the addition of BioAir to our family of Companies” says Pietro Bernardini, Tecniplast CEO “this is another milestone in our continuous growth of more than 70 years founded on innovation and enabling science to improve quality of life”.

BioAir is keeping its own name and identity along with the brand. This ensures that nothing will change for our distributors and customers.

As always feel free to contact us at or for more info.